EAST BERLIN (AP) _ ''Sexclusiv,'' East Germany's first sex magazine, hits newsstands today, ushering in a new sexual revolution after 40 years of restrictions under Communist rule.

The magazine, devoted to promoting sexual awareness, is backed by East Germany's German Sex League, the state news agency ADN said.

Unlike in West Germany, where sex magazines and pornographic material are readily available, East Germany's former hard-line Communist government banned such material.

But with the loosening of restrictions following last fall's democratic upheaval, the Sex League has set for itself the goal of promoting new sexual freedom in East Germany.

On Friday, members of the Sex League gathered in Leipzig, the heart of the peaceful revolution that toppled the Communist government last year.

The first order of business was changing the group's name from its original German Sex Union, ADN said.

The group's original name was picked last fall when the Communists were ousted. But it had the same initials in German as the conservative German Social Union - a member of East Germany's governing coalition.

ADN said erotic videos were also shown at the meeting. The news agency did not say how many people attended or how many members the group claims to have.

The first edition of ''Sexclusiv'' is priced at six marks ($3.60). The price appeared to be a play on words since the number six is pronounced ''sex'' in German.