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Fifth Avenue Co-op Bars Cats From Apartment They Inherited

September 4, 1991

NEW YORK (AP) _ A Fifth Avenue co-op invoked a no-pets rule to keep out a pair of house cats that inherited rights to a swank apartment when their widowed owner died.

The cats, named Damon and Pythias, are 6-year-old brothers and beneficiaries of Terry Krumholz, who died of cancer July 25 at age 55.

Writing her will last December, Mrs. Krumholz left the bulk of her $3 million estate to the Elroy and Terry Krumholz Foundation, named for her and her late husband. The foundation was instructed to provide care for the cats.

That included maintaining the $750,000 10th-floor Krumholz apartment as the pets’ home until new owners are found to take them as a pair.

Once the cats are resettled, the foundation’s assets - apartment included - go to charity, said Dr. Lewis Berman, a veterinarian who cared for the cats after Mrs. Krumholz died.

So far so good.

That is until Sanford Becker Jr., the Krumholz estate executor, brought the cats back to the apartment on Aug. 5. He was barred from the building.

Berman and Carol Wilbourn, a cat therapist who has treated the animals, said Tuesday the no-pet rule had been ignored for six years while Mrs. Krumholz was alive.

″She had never had to be secretive about taking the cats in and out,″ Wilbourn said. ″They would go back and forth with her for weekends on Long Island.″

Arnold Hackmire, lawyer for the building management, declined to comment.

Becker, through a secretary, twice declined requests for comment.

The cats’ whereabouts, meanwhile, were not disclosed.

It’s believed they’re with one of Mrs. Krumholz’s two maids, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Wilbourn began treating the cats in October 1989 because Damon was attacking Pythias. ″They were feuding,″ she said.

The problem was stress, probably related to Elroy Krumholz’s death the previous year, she said.

Fraternal tranquility was restored after 15 therapy sessions, Wilbourn said. ″They’re not fighting anymore.″

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