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16-Pounder A ‘Tenuous’ Delivery

April 24, 1985

INDIO, Calif. (AP) _ Rodrigo Pendragon Campeador is big in everybody’s book except Guinness’.He was born weighing 16 pounds, 7 ounces.

″It will definitely go in some record book,″ said Dr. M.F. Osman, the obstetrician who performed a routine Caesarean section to deliver the son of El Cid and Guadalupe Campeador.

Both mother and son are doing fine, John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Annemarie Piontek said Tuesday.

Osman said he expected Mrs. Campeador, a 140-pound, 5-foot-3 diabetic, to deliver a large baby. But he said he predicted 12.5 pounds tops.

Dr. Dijan Siassi, associate professor of pediatrics at Los Angeles County- USC Medical Center, said such large births can be dangerous for both mother and child.

″The number one cause of large babies is diabetes,″ he said. ″When the mother’s blood sugar goes up, the baby gets fatter and fatter. It’s not just fat, though, the whole system is larger. Muscles are larger, there is more water,″ he said.

After Rodrigo was born on Saturday, his blood sugar level had to be stablized, Osman said.

None of Rodrigo’s two brothers and two sisters weighed over 11 pounds, Osman said.

Osman believes Rodrigo will always be big. ″Chances are he’ll be a very big kid. This baby might be 50 pounds by his first birthday.″

Rodrigo might well be the biggest baby ever born in the Coachella Valley, but he’s a lightweight in the world of Guinness records.

The 1985 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records lists the heaviest viable births at 22 pounds, 8 ounces. It happened twice, in Italy in 1955 and in 1982 in South Africa.

The largest baby ever born, according to Guinness, was deformed and did not survive. But the infant weighed over 29 pounds at birth, said Cyd Smith, assistant editor for Guinness book.

″Sixteen pounds, 7 ounces is small. That’s just a tiny baby,″ she joked Tuesday. ″That will not establish any kind of record.″

Tom Kennedy of the California Medical Association said an average baby weighs 6.5 pounds at birth. Ten pounds makes delivery a risk to both mother and child and ″16 pounds is a tenuous situation,″ he said.

Campeador, a Coachella prodce seller and part-time nurse, dubbed his son ″the monster″ and has good-naturedly joined the gentle gibes of friends and hospital staff.

″If he could talk, he’d probably be saying, ’Give me some salt and I’ll eat the glass too,‴ said the proud father, himself 6 feet tall and a hefty 250 pounds.

Campeador and Osman were on hand when Rodrigo’s first pictures were taken.

″Just make sure when he’s a football player you remember me,″ Osman said.

″I’ll get you free tickets to the Super Bowl,″ Campeador obliged.

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