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City Offers Rewards For Stinkers’ Demise

August 31, 1988

PANGUITCH, Utah (AP) _ Anxious to rid itself of the hordes of skunks roaming streets, yards, buildings and gardens, the city has put out a contract on the malodorous animals.

Panguitch officials say the town’s 1,400 residents have had it up to their noses, prompting authorities to offer a $5-a-skunk reward to encourage the trapping and destruction of the animals.

″It’s a whole stinking problem,″ quipped City Manager Bruce Fullmer. ″This is a farming community, and the skunks come out of the fields and into the community once in a while.″

Fullmer said that in the past, this southwestern Utah town contracted with resident Van Barney - ″a pretty good man for handling skunks″ - to get rid of the animals, but he died last year.

The reward is aimed at enticing two animal control officers to take up the task, he said.

Officials won’t turn down residents who find a skunk or two under a shed or an old house. But officials aren’t trying to encourage residents to go out and gather skins and then turn them in for the reward, Fullmer said.

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