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Report: Iranian Rebels Killed

November 26, 1999

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) _ Two rebels were killed by Iranian Intelligence Ministry agents after planting a bomb that killed two people and injured eight others in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz, state-run radio reported Friday.

In a report monitored in Dubai, the radio said the bombing late Thursday outside the Shahid Chamran Academy for Literature was the work of the Iraq-based Mujahedeen Khalq. The group, the largest Iranian opposition, claimed responsibility for an attack in Ahvaz _ and two other strikes _ but gave a different version of events.

``In the course of last night’s operation by the Mujahedeen in Ahvaz, no civilian center was targeted and no ordinary person was killed″ or wounded, the exile group said in statements released Friday.

The Mujahedeen, which seeks the violent overthrow of Iran’s Islamic government, said its agents had hit an Intelligence Ministry facility with mortars and ``a large number of Intelligence Ministry agents were killed or wounded.″ An Intelligence Ministry center for training foreign agents also was hit, they claimed.

Farid Soleimani, a Baghdad-based spokesman for the Mujahedeen, said in a telephone interview that ``the bulk of the foreign agents we are talking about are Iraqis who were recruited by the mullahs’ regime.″

``None of these operations are in cooperation with our Iraqi hosts,″ he said.

The radio said that two of those injured in the Ahvaz blast were in critical condition. It identified the two dead rebels as Akbar Foruzandeh and Rasul Musavi.

The Mujahedeen also said it had launched a mortar attack Thursday night on a Revolutionary Guards’ facility in the Western city of Khorramabad in which ``scores of Revolutionary Guards were killed or wounded.″ The Mujahedeen said it used 82-mm mortars, which have a maximum range of about 2 miles.

There was no official Iranian reaction about that claim or another the Mujahedeen said was carried out Thursday evening in Kermanshah. The claims could not be independently confirmed.

In Kermanshah, the Mujahedeen said it used mortars similar to those used in the Ahvaz strike to hit the headquarters of the state security forces and inflicted unspecified ``heavy casualties.″

All three cities are within 80 miles of the Iraqi border. The Mujahedeen did not say if any of its agents were killed or wounded.

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