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Red Sox Crack Down on Inflatable Dolls in Stands

June 21, 1991

BOSTON (AP) _ Fenway Park’s bleachers have long had a reputation for attracting rowdy fans. But some say the bleacher bums who fondle anatomically correct inflatable dolls have gone too far.

Incidents involving the dolls at a game last Friday brought angry reactions from several fans.

″The men were sucking on her. It was disgusting,″ said Jeannine Robbins, 32. ″You come here to watch the game. You don’t really need to see men sucking on women’s parts, even if they’re plastic.″

Fans say the the dolls began showing up at baseball games last year. People fondle them, pass them around, make obscene gestures and simulate sex with them.

Red Sox officials say they know of only two incidents this season involving the dolls. The club issued a statement Wednesday condemning the acts.

″Such conduct is reprehensible and the club has made special efforts and will continue to make special efforts to prevent such occurrences in the future,″ the Red Sox said.

There was increased security at Wednesday’s game, and the Red Sox were so sensitive about the issue that they threw a reporter out of the bleachers for asking about the dolls. No dolls were seen at Thursday night’s game.

Richard Levin, a spokesman for Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent, said he has not heard of similar incidents in other ballparks around the country.

Red Sox games are not the only local sports venues where naked dolls have made appearances, however.

Vendors at Foxboro Stadium sold ″Lisa Dolls″ after Boston Herald sportswriter Lisa Olson said she was harassed by naked New England Patriots football players while conducting an interview in the team locker room last year.

Ellen Zucker, president of the Boston chapter of the National Organization for Women, called such behavior a ″rape-like act.″

″The lessons we as women have been taught is that we are not welcome at sporting events,″ she said. ″We are not welcome in locker rooms and we are not even welcome as spectators.″

Not all Red Sox fans object to bringing the dolls to games.

″If the women have any problems with this, bring in men dolls,″ said Robbins’ husband, Harland.

But Robert Rudolph of Springfield was offended.

″I don’t think that’s right, when there are little girls and boys around,″ he said.

Fenway’s $6-a-seat bleacher crowds have a reputation for more fun-loving rowdiness. Usually, the partying is restricted to innocent antics: doing the ″wave″ and tossing beach balls.

But beer drinking sometimes gets out of hand, and Red Sox officials estimate security officials eject 10 to 20 fans from the bleachers per game.

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