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Over 1 Million Americans Expected To Be Diagnosed With Cancer This Year

February 18, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ More than 1 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year, the first time the projection has reached that mark, the American Cancer Society said Friday.

Along with 1,010,000 new cancer cases, the society projects 502,000 cancer deaths this year. For last year, the society predicted 985,000 new cases and 494,000 deaths.

The statistics exclude so-called ″in-situ″ cancers of the uterine cervix or breast and skin cancers other than melanoma, because they respond so well to minimal treatment, the society said.

Among the major cancer categories, this year’s projections include 155,000 new lung cancer cases with 142,000 deaths, 151,000 new colon-rectal cancer cases with 61,000 deaths, 142,000 new female breast cancer cases with 43,000 deaths, and 103,000 new prostate cancer cases with 28,500 deaths.

Those numbers are all up from 1988 projections, except for a decrease of 1,000 in deaths from colon-rectal cancers.

Overall, 14 of the 38 forms of cancer the society includes in its projections are expected to cause more deaths this year than last, the society said.

Thirteen other cancers are expected to show fewer deaths, including those of the mouth, stomach, larynx, uterine cervix, bladder and thyroid. Eleven other cancers showed no change in projected death tolls.

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