PCTC earns governor’s Epic Grant

December 26, 2018

ELEANOR — How does $50,000 sound for a Christmas gift? That’s what the Putnam Career & Technical Center’s Economic Projects Impacting Communities (EPIC) Team received just in time for the holidays. But it wasn’t so much a gift as it was a well-earned award. The cash was in the form of a $50,000 grant the team won at the West Virginia Department of Education’s Division of Technical Education and Governor’s Economic Initiatives EPIC petition.

Competition. Putnam Career & Technical

Center presented alongside four additional Simulated Workplace Company finalists in an innovative community impact project competition, according to a news release from Putnam County Schools. The EPIC Competition magnifies the Simulated Workplace Company’s collaborative and creative abilities into a showcase of technical skills through developing, designing and constructing an innovative community impact project for public, private, commercial or residential use.

The Putnam Career & Technical Center’s EPIC Team presented their project proposal to create tiny-home style cabins at the Eleanor Park in Eleanor, West Virginia, to increase tourism and the local economy.

The team was ultimately awarded the $50,000 grant and the fantastic opportunity to help positively impact their community and school.

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