ANKARA, Turkey (AP) _ Turkey's recent air strike on Kurdish guerrilla camps in northern Iraq has further strained its relations with Iran, which says the Turkish jets also bombed Iranian border villages.

The Turkish foreign ministry said aerial photographs taken after Friday's air strike showed no Iranian villages had been hit.

But Iran's state news agency IRNA said Sunday that a Turkish diplomat apologized for the bombing and visited wounded villagers in a hospital in the northwestern tip of Iran, which borders Iraq as well as Turkey.

Iran said nine people were killed and 19 injured in Iranian border villages. The pro-Kurdish newspaper Ozgur Gundem reported a higher toll: 26 people killed in the raids, including 12 in Iran.

Turkey gave no casualty figures for what it called a successful operation.

The semiofficial Turkish news agency Anatolia, quoting Iranian foreign ministry sources, said Iran accepted Turkey's proposal to send an investigating team.

Last year Turkey accused Iran of helping Turkish Kurdish rebels, claiming the guerrillas were operating from Iranian territory, but Iran denied that.

In another development, a bomb exploded on Sunday at an office of the pro- Kurdish Democracy Party on the outskirts of Ankara, causing heavy damage but no injuries, Anatolia said.

The Democracy Party, with 17 members in the 450-seat parliament, is accused of having links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, which has been a waging a separatist guerrilla war in southeastern Turkey for 10 years. Some Democracy Party deputies are facing prosecution on charges of separatism.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attack, which occurred 10 days after another party office in Ankara was bombed. One person was injured in that attack.