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Quotes from the O.J. Simpson Case

September 7, 1995

Selected quotes from the O.J. Simpson case Wednesday:

``I assert my Fifth Amendment privilege.″ _ former Detective Mark Fuhrman, after being asked if he planted or manufactured any evidence in the case.

``If that had been a black man up there taking the Fifth, they would have lynched him. Fuhrman couldn’t look at anybody. You tell me who’s telling the truth. If he’s telling the truth, he has nothing to hide.″ _ Carmelita Durio, O.J. Simpson’s sister, in reaction to Fuhrman’s replies to the defense.

``Despite what anyone might say, we are united in our resolve about the innocence of our client and you are going to see us fight to the very end and we trust this jury tomorrow will see something about what this lead detective has done. And make no mistake about it, he’s the lead detective. And make no mistake about it, those of you who thought he would never claim the Fifth Amendment, he’s now done that. You saw it with your own eyes.″ _ Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr., speaking at a news conference after court recessed for the day.

``Officer Fuhrman turned around and looked at me and told me, `I told you we’d get you, nigger.‴ _ Communications repair technician Roderic Hodge, describing what Detective Mark Fuhrman said to him when Hodge was arrested in 1987.

``For the same reason I didn’t tell him to stop when he told me of police procedures, cover-ups, other information that I felt were important for me to have a clear understanding and context of this material that I was writing.″ _ Laura Hart McKinny, explaining why she didn’t stop Fuhrman from using racial epithets during her conversations with him.

``Now, obviously, Detective Fuhrman’s definition of being a policeman has included making up the facts that are necessary to put someone in jail once you have determined that a person should be in jail is highly relevant to his testimony of finding the one iota of evidence that will justify or be offered as just indication to make an immediate entry to Mr. Simpson’s premises.″ _ Defense Attorney Gerald Uelmen, on why Fuhrman’s testimony should be thrown out.

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