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City Bans Parolee Convicted Of Rape And Mutilation

April 29, 1987

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A state plan to parole to San Francisco a man convicted of raping a girl and hacking off her forearms with an ax has been blocked by court order at the request of angry city officials.

″San Francisco is not a dumping ground. We will not accept him,″ said Mayor Dianne Feinstein. ″He is a danger to society, a dangerous man who committed a major felony crime - mayhem with rape and serious bodily harm.″

San Francisco joins a growing list of Northern California communities seeking not to become the new home of 59-year-old Larry Singleton.

Despite the intense feelings toward Singleton, the state Department of Corrections insisted Tuesday that he would be sent to a location in Northern California.

Corrections spokesman Bob Gore refused to identify the community where Singleton was to be sent, but said, ″We will continue to advise local law enforcement and rely on their discretion.″

Feinstein acted swiftly Tuesday when Police Chief Frank Jordan told her that Singleton was about to be paroled to San Francisco. She angrily ordered the city attorney to seek a temporary restraining order to bar entry to Singleton.

In the afternoon, City Attorney Louise H. Renne told Superior Court Judge Victor M. Campilongo that Singleton presented a ″clear and present″ danger to residents. Campilongo granted the temporary restraining order until a May 13 hearing.

The court order will be appealed by state Deputy Attorney General Morris Lenk, who is representing Singleton’s right to settle where he wishes. A similar order in Contra Costa County will be heard by a state Court of Appeal on May 28.

″There is something unseemly, demeaning about state officers having to keep driving Singleton around,″ Lenk said. ″If he weren’t on parole, he’d have a constitutional right to live anywhere.″

Singleton was released from the California Men’s Colony at San Luis Obispo early Saturday and officials have not said where he has been since then.

He served eight years of a 14-year, four-month sentence for the charges involving Mary Vincent, then 15, a runaway hitchhiker from Las Vegas, Nev., who was left for dead on a remote road near Modesto.

Singleton, who maintains he’s innocent, earned an early release for good behavior and involvement in a work program.

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