Food service inspections, Oct. 1, 2018

October 1, 2018

For the period ending Sept. 27. To file a complaint, call the state Environment Department at 827-1840.

Most noted violations were corrected during the inspections.

ALLSUP’S, 2007 Calle Lorca. Cited for lack of hand-wash signage, buildup on ice machine, ice pooling and dripping on food box in freezer, bird dropping on outside CO2 cylinder, lack of stem thermometer, broken equipment, lack of sanitizer test kit, lack of proper air gap on hoses for sink, lack of proper air gap for ice machine drain line, no covered receptacle for sanitary napkins, lint buildup on vents.

ALLSUP’S, 2640 Agua Fría. Cited for employee drink with no lid or straw, lack of soap at hand sink, used employee drink in hand sink, goose egg from unapproved source, improper sanitizer mixture, fungus on ice machine, rain water, bird droppings and debris on CO2 cylinder, soiled paper towels, wash cloth outside sanitizer bucket, ice scoop improperly stored, improper air gap on drain line, sewage surfacing near grease trap and unused floor sink.

BROOKDALE, 640 Alta Vista. Cited for light bulb out, inadequate lighting in walk-in cooler, particle accumulation at dishwasher.

CHEEKS, 2841 Cerrillos Road. No violations.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS, 1085 Cerrillos Road. Cited for employee drink without straw in refrigerator, no hand-wash signage in restroom, mold on silicone caulking, unlabeled bulk food containers, hole in wall, food buildup on bulk food container, used glove on food prep table, soiled paper towels, ice scoop improperly stored, problem with food cooling, utensils improperly stored, food buildup on cutting board, broken equipment, dust on equipment, hose lacked back-flow protection device, no proper air gap on drain line, light bulbs not shielded, lint on vents.

GERONIMO’S, 724 Canyon Road. Cited for lack of employee illness policy, no procedures for diarrhea and vomiting events, no lids and straws on employee drinks, lack of hand-wash signage, carbon buildup on pans, dishwasher not sanitizing, problem with sanitizer mixture, ice on some foods, exposed fiberglass on chest freezer, problems with some food temperatures, no label on chemical spray bottle, unapproved insecticide, meat thawed improperly, dead insects over food prep area, knives stored in sanitizer, broken equipment, refrigerator not maintaining proper temperature, hoses lack proper air gap, inadequate light at bar.

LA YAQUEISTA, 2101 Cerrillos Road. Cited for access blocked to hand sink, sanitation wipe cloth not available, some light bulbs out.

MAIZE, 225 Johnson St. Cited for lack of labels on spray bottles, no thermometer in walk-in cooler, dishes and utensils improperly stored, dishwasher not dispensing sanitizer.

MANDELA INTERNATIONAL MAGNET SCHOOL, 1604 Agua Fría. St. Cited for nonworking thermometers, dishwasher not working, light bulb lacks protective shielding.

SALAZAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 1300 Osage. Cited for lack of sanitizer solution in dishwasher, no labels on food bins, no hot or cold water at hand sink. light bulbs not working.

SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL, 2100 Yucca St. Cited for lack of hand-wash signage, ice pooling on food boxes in freezer, problem with cold- and hot-holding temperatures, food buildup on single service tableware, problem with ice machine, problems with spray hoses, lack of proper air gap on sink, no receptacle for sanitary napkins, no shielding on light bulb, permit not posted in conspicuous space.

SANTA MARIA DE LA PAZ, 11 College Ave. Cited for dust and grease on ventilation hoods.

WALTER BURKE CATERING, 1209 Calle de Commercio. Cited for inadequate employee illness policy, lack of procedures for diarrhea and vomiting events, coffee cup with no lid or straw on food prep table, lack of hand-wash signage, carbon buildup on pans, sanitizer stored on top of food prep area, inaccurate stem thermometer, gap around door frame, holes in walls, grease buildup on containers, hoses lacking proper air gap, lack of designated area for employee food, no consumer advisory for raw and undercooked foods.

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