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Most small SUVs do poorly in frontal crash tests

May 16, 2013

Only two of 13 small SUVs tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety scored well on a front-end crash test.

IIHS crashed the SUVs into a 5-foot-tall barrier at 40 mph and measured how the structure held up, how the air bags and seat belts worked and the potential for injuries to the head, neck, torso and other parts of the body. The test hits only about 25 percent of the front-end, and that often misses structures set up to absorb crash impacts.

The nonprofit group funded by the insurance industry gave the SUVs demerits depending on their performance in the crashes. Ratings range from “good,” which is the best, to “poor,” which is the worst:

Subaru Forester: Good

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Acceptable

BMW X1: Marginal

Nissan Rogue: Marginal

Mazda CX-5: Marginal

Honda CR-V: Marginal

Jeep Wrangler: Marginal

Volkswagen Tiguan: Marginal

Hyundai Tucson: Poor

Kia Sportage: Poor

Buick Encore: Poor

Jeep Patriot: Poor

Ford Escape: Poor

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