Gary Moore: Want a job. It’s out there

April 19, 2018

Are you ready for life and work in the new Kankakee River Valley?

The winds of change are howling across the plains. Kankakee County is on the move and you had better be moving too or you run the risk of being left behind. Unemployment for our area in almost every segment of our population is at or near all-time lows, and there are more higher-paying jobs coming. Are we ready? Are you ready?

If you aren’t optimistic, you have not been paying attention

Great things are happening! Our prospects for personal and community success never have been greater. I read a discussion from one of the local Facebook pages this week that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Someone mentioned the new expansion of NuCor and CSL Behring and a local resident responded with, “yeah, well, those companies only hire out-of-towners and bypass local residents.” I am sure some out-of-towners will move in, be transferred in or be recruited to fill some vacancies where there might not be locally qualified prospects available, but any company would prefer to fill positions with local workers to avoid the costs associated with relocation. Why would a CEO want to spend more to bring in someone from another area if there is a qualified worker who already lives here? The answer is they would not. But if there is not a person suitably educated, experienced or qualified, a company might find it worth the extra expense to get the right worker.

Be aware of the growing list of opportunities

Where do you get your news? The best place to find local information is the Daily Journal. The Daily Journal has posted all the news about business expansion, new opportunities and investment in our community and will continue. Want to thrive in the new Kankakee River Valley? First and foremost, be aware of what and where the opportunities are. Mentally tune in to local news.

Get qualified

Dropped out of high school? Get your GED. Have no skills? Better gain some. The Career Center, and Kankakee Community College might be great places to start. Your success and ability in finding and keeping a job is your responsibility. Think someone owes you a job? Think again. Feeling similar to a victim because you can’t get hired? Grow up. Life and employers owe you nothing. You owe it to yourself to educate and prepare yourself for the new local economy. The CEO of one of our area’s largest employers recently told me his firm cannot fill all their job openings. If that’s true, why are there still unemployed people in our communities? Good question.

I’m about to make a few people angry, but …

If required, could you pass a drug and/or alcohol test today? Did you wake up thinking this morning that you might need another tattoo on your face … or the holes in your earlobes aren’t quite large enough? Or maybe the letters H.A.T.E. tattooed on your fingers are starting to fade and you need to get them re-inked? Maybe another piercing on your lip would help? Or maybe you wore a T-shirt to your last interview and the four-letter-obscenity printed on your chest wasn’t large enough? Or maybe the smell of alcohol and/or marijuana on your clothes and breath shouldn’t keep you from getting a job? Or maybe you arrived an hour late for your interview. Duh … don’t they know that you can’t be awake by 10:30 a.m.?

Is this you or someone you know? If so, maybe you don’t deserve a job. Again, a position with a company isn’t owed to you, it is something you earn. And if you are making yourself unemployable, I don’t feel the need to spend my tax dollars to provide food stamps or any kind of support. Dennis Miller says it best …

‘I want to help the helpless but I have no interest in supporting the clueless.’

I hope this is not you, but if it is, you need a mentor in your life who will tell you the truth. You are making yourself unemployable. Maybe you should head to the bookstore or library. Google “job interview techniques.” Ask the successful people around you for tips and suggestions. Take personal responsibility to gain the skills needed.

Want a good job? Earn a good job. They don’t give them away

I doubt if many of any of the people I am describing actually are reading this column. Is this your son or daughter? Is this your neighbor or your brother or sister? Cut this column out and give it to them. The jobs are here and more are coming, but it is up to you to get qualified and be employable.

There never has been a time for more optimism. The Kankakee River Valley is heading to levels of prosperity not seen in decades, but we have to prepare for the success and get qualified to work in the new economy.

Be prepared. Get qualified. You can do it!

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