Opioid epidemic has turned world upside down

August 29, 2018

We must begin by stating this fact: Eric J. Patillo, of Thayer, Ind., has been convicted of no crime and is thus innocent until proven guilty.

But law enforcement officials have released information that suggests Patillo might have been under the influence of drugs, particularly heroin, when his young sons drowned in the Kankakee River last week. Patillo has been formally charged with two felony counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

While it remains to be proven if this point pertains directly to Patillo, it adds focus to a general problem we see occurring more often in a society faced with an opioid crisis: Those who become addicted to these powerful substances put the pursuit and intake of these drugs before all priorities, including their own children.

Can you imagine a more upside down situation? All living beings, whether they be human or otherwise, have a natural instinct to protect their young. Nothing but nothing normally comes before it.

But these aren’t normal times. Because of it, the push for prevention and treatment programs are more vital than ever. If we are ever going to get things turned right side up again, we must tame this epidemic.

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