Orchids and Onions: May 16, 2019

May 17, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to LHC Operations Department, and Mark Clark for responding so quickly and professionally to the speeding problem on our residential street. The 25 mph sign and temporary speed indicator trailer has made a big difference. Orchids to LHC police for their prompt enforcement.

Onions to the city. Ordinances not followed. Ugly weeds everywhere. Unoccupied homes with overgrown, dying trees, etc. Highways that need paving, especially 95 into town. Unwanted mattresses, furniture etc. left on curbs. Front yards being used as parking lots. Garbage every-where. Not a pretty tourist town anymore.

Orchids to LeAnn and Teresa at Walgreens. I went from being a customer to a friend to both of you. Walgreens is fortunate to have you as part of their family. Ranger Terry.

Onions to iced coffee drinks. All ice, very little drink.

Orchids to Alpine Communications of Havasu. A great big thank you to Amy and “Gary the Encyclopedia” for getting our alarm up and running in the same day and so efficiently. I will recommend you to everyone I can. Thanks from Julie and staff at Arizona Chiro Central.

Onions to all the parks, businesses, and residents of LH for not recycling. To break down glass bottles, the environment needs 1-2 million years. Tin can, 50 years. Plastic bottles, 70-450 years. Children’s diapers, 500-800 years. Aluminum cans, 200 years. Plastic bags, 500-1,000 years. Cigarettes, 1-12 years. Get the picture, people.

Orchids to Ralph, driver for AAA Medical Transport. He provides great care & service to his clients, while also showing acts of kindness to others he crosses paths with while going in and out of the hospital and medical offices. Your good deeds when you think others aren’t watching is heartwarming.

Onions to the milky white lines in the skies. Bye-bye blue skies. Does anyone care? Can we form a watch group? Anyone interested?

Orchids to the city crew workers at SARA Park for help keeping it so nice and clean. We really enjoy the dog park!

Onions to the business owner who continually strives to create a hostile working environment. Perhaps you should re-evaluate some of your own recent choices.

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