NEW YORK (AP) _ The grind of doing a sitcom for 10 years didn't fatigue Faith Ford.

The ``Murphy Brown'' co-star, who played perky newswoman Corkie Sherwood until the show's demise last season, is back working the same long sitcom hours on her own show, ``Maggie Winters.''

``You'd think I was an eager beaver,'' Ford says in the Sept. 11 Entertainment Weekly. ``But actually I'm a creature of habit. I found a medium I love, and I didn't want to leave it behind.''

Ford plays a woman returning home to live with her mother after leaving an unfaithful husband.

``Maggie may be a raw, exposed nerve when you meet her,'' Ford said, ``but she't not negative about it. She's made a decision to move forward rather than look back and blame anybody.''