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Heating prices dip as cold weather eases, markets in flux

March 7, 2018

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Governor’s Energy Office says the price of heating oil in Maine has dipped as cold weather eases.

The statewide average cash price for No. 2 heating oil was $2.73 per gallon this week. The office says that is 22 cents less than it was at the end of January.

The statewide price of kerosene has dipped slightly to $3.38 cents. Propane prices have remained steady at $2.82.

The office says global oil prices are in flux after rising to prices not seen in years: between $65 and $70 per barrel in January. Such prices are now in the $63 to $66 range.

The state found the highest heating oil price was $3.00, while the lowest was $2.39.

The figures reflect a March 15 survey.

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