Monroeville looks to ‘active transportation’ future

October 13, 2018

Monroeville officials are inviting the public to brainstorm ideas ways the municipality’s streets and parks could be friendlier to bicyclists and walkers.

The municipality will host a meeting starting at 7 p.m. Oct. 18, where residents can share ideas with the Monroeville Active Transportation Committee.

Mayor Nick Gresock said he formed the committee aimed at implementing sidewalks, bike lanes and hiking trails throughout the municipality over the summer. The committee includes municipal staff, Allegheny County representatives, community members and business owners, Gresock said.

The concept was part of the Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments 10-year comprehensive plan between Monroeville, Wilkins and Churchill. The communities approved the plan in March.

Gresock said Monroeville’s streets were designed with vehicles in mind.

“We’re trying to retrofit walking, biking and pedestrians into that layout,” he said.

Gresock said the committee is looking for public input on specific places of interest that could accommodate either sidewalks, bike lanes or paths and trails.

“From there, we’ll identify what we can do and what makes sense and what the public would like to see,” Gresock said, adding the committee will create a priority list based on input received at the upcoming meeting.

The mayor said he hopes the project list, which would include costs, will be completed by December so council can approve one at the beginning of 2019.

The 164-page plan between the three communities details trails, shared services, recreation, redevelopment and property maintenance. The plan cost about $100,000, half of which was covered by a grant from Allegheny County. The rest of the cost was split between the three communities.

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