Dave Peyton: The only good thing about Trump is that he’s transparent

November 25, 2018

As I said earlier in a column, I am profoundly thankful that President Donald Trump is so transparent.

Imagine how frightful it would be if we had no clue what he was thinking or how he thinks, how he changes his mind every day and how he lies with a straight face.

We should all be thankful that we know he clings to a Saudi Arabian crown prince while he aims his criticism at retired Navy SEAL Adm. Bill McRaven who was responsible for capturing Bin Ladin. Killer crown prince good. Veteran Navy seal bad.

Some of us remain amazed that he loves killer dictators around the world while eschewing former allies - allies before he came into office. Pundits say that the damage has already been done and it will take decades to repair. Heaven only knows how much more White House breakage there will be if the bull remains in the china shop two more years.

How many presidents do you know who stood before a live camera and declared that he is the only person in the entire world who should be named Time Magazine’s person of the year?

Better he announce it and show the true nature of the beast than hide it under his hairdo.

It seems that every day he shows his bully nature and his inability to understand the way America must work if it is to remain America.

He was upset with a ruling from the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court on the West Coast and called the judge who ruled against his administration in an immigration issue “Obama’s judge.”

In a rare rebuttal, United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts let it be known there are no Obama justices, no Bush justices, no Clinton justices. In essence, he told Trump to shut up lest he put his foot in his mouth again.

Trump countered by lightly bullying Roberts and telling him he was wrong.

Let’s say Trump is so upset with the 9th District ruling, he wants it overturned. Guess where he will have to send it? The Supreme Court of course. And who is at the head of the Supreme Court? Roberts, of course.

Trump is most likely to get a lesson in the separation of powers as outlined in the Constitution if he appeals the case to the highest court in the land.

To paraphrase a popular song:

“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape

You don’t spit into the wind

You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger

And you don’t mess around with him (Justice Roberts)”

Transparent Trump couldn’t even stop tweeting bad news on Thanksgiving. He reminded us we live in a “mean and nasty world” and claimed the judge in the Ninth Judicial Distract was to blame.

Many years ago, I was in a judicial tiff with Gannett. My attorneys told me Gannett had moved it to the federal court in Huntington. I would win it there, they told me, but I would lose when the case was appealed to the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, where I would lose because that circuit at the time, at least, was ultra right and pro business.

I settled before a trial.

Fortunately the Fourth Circuit was transparent. Not corrupt, just transparent.

Trump’s transparency, on the other hand, smells of corruption.

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