Planning commission recommends changes to riverfront overlay district

November 22, 2018

NORFOLK - Expansion of the North Fork of the Elkhorn River overlay district brought some debate to the Norfolk Planning Commission meeting Tuesday.

City Planner Val Grimes told commissioners the City is looking to expand the boundaries to a quarter mile north of Benjamin Avenue and an eighth of a mile north of Omaha Avenue.

John Fox, a resident in the proposed expansion area expressed concerns with the overlay district and asked if this would bring new developments of recreation areas to his neighborhood.

Grimes replied this just protects the riverfront area, and the appearance of future developments.

“If this ordinance does not pass city council, we can still put a recreation center - trail system and do a park back there. One does not effect the other. If we do not have this ordinance, and the City ten years from now wants to put a park back there - and I’m not saying there are - they can still do it.”

Chairman Dan Spray said the district will help manage growth in an important area for years to come.

The commissioners voted unanimously to recommend the changes to the overlay district.

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