Momence foxes attain a front porch view

September 21, 2018

MOMENCE — The front porch of Juliet Parish’s Momence home is a wonderful perch for watching the Kankakee River flowing past.

It also offers a quiet place for reading, visiting or simply relaxing.

For at least one skulk of foxes, the large brick porch has become a place for reclining and enjoying the view.

The 11-acre property has been home for many wild animals throughout the years, but Parish has noticed a family of foxes wandering her property these past few months.

To her surprise, at least some of the group was seen sitting on the porch next to her front door.

A photograph was taken of a reclining shiny red fox, who quickly fled the scene once it discovered it was being watched.

“I have seen as many as seven at once walking in the back. They don’t want to be seen by people,” said Parish, 91. “If it’s quiet, they come around.”

Parish and her late husband, John, have called this property home since 1961. She said the house was built in the 1860s. The couple raised their six children at the residence.

She said deer are seen around the property as is a troublesome groundhog.

“I see fox out here all the time. They are here every day,” she said.

An adult red fox weighs from 8 to 15 pounds and is between 36 to 46 inches in length. The bulk of a foxes’ diet typically is rabbit and mice.

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