FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) _ A $324,000 lawsuit has been filed against Gus Frerotte, alleging the Washington Redskins quarterback failed to fulfill a contract to make a TV commercial and do other promotions for the firm for a year.

According to documents filed in Fairfax County Circuit Court, Frerotte signed a contract with Deck-America of Lorton in August 1996, agreeing to tape a TV commercial, promotional video, make a personal appearance and autograph photos of himself. In exchange, the company installed a $15,000 deck at Frerotte's home.

``Despite numerous attempts by Deck-America, between May and July of 1997, to coordinate the taping sessions with Frerotte and his representatives, Frerotte has failed and refused to honor his contractual obligations,'' said the suit, filed Feb. 13.

Frerotte's attorney, William T. Freyvogel, said the dispute resulted from scheduling problems that arose when his client's father, Gustave J. Frerotte Sr., had heart problems and the quarterback's wife, Ann, was expecting their second child.

``Gus should not be punished for being a devoted son and a supportive husband,'' Freyvogel said in a statement.

He also called ``preposterous'' the $324,000 that Deck-America contends it expected to make from the marketing campaign.

Deck-America's attorney, D.S. Berenson, said his client is sympathetic to Frerotte's personal problems and would have preferred to settle the matter out of court.

Frerotte's Pittsburgh-based sports agent, Ralph Cindrich, said his client sent Deck-America a check for $15,652, which included the cost of the deck plus interest, but the offer was refused.

``It was not what the parties agreed to, which was why it was not accepted,'' Berenson said.