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Missouri treasurer: Withholding conflicts date back decades

April 5, 2019

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick says it’s not just the current tax withholding tables that are in conflict with state regulations.

In a letter to the governor that was provided to The Associated Press Friday, the Republican wrote that Missouri withholding tables likely have been in conflict since a 1993 tax change.

But Fitzpatrick says the Revenue Department was right not to follow those outdated rules.

He says doing so would have led to “substantial under-withholding,” meaning taxpayers would have to pay more of their income taxes in April instead of steadily through paycheck withholdings throughout the year.

Democratic Auditor Nicole Galloway criticized the department Tuesday for sidestepping the public rulemaking process when it changed withholding tables in January.

She doubled down Friday, saying the agency needs to follow the law.