Cart Smarts: Success with pressure cooker comes as a relief

January 16, 2019

I am not one to buy the latest kitchen gadgets, but with all the talk about pressure cooking, I had to join in and see what all the hype is about.

So, a few months ago, I purchased an Instant Pot. I can say that it was well worth it and now is truly my favorite kitchen appliance. I will admit that there is a learning curve involved using a device with high pressure, but with some experimentation, it can be your best friend.

Some of the benefits of pressure-cooking include the ability to cook foods up to 70 percent faster. This is due to the pressure buildup inside the closed unit, which raises the cooking temperature higher before it reaches the boiling point. I made an amazing beef roast in 50 minutes that normally takes six to eight hours in a Crock-Pot!

The pressure cooker works as a multifunction cooker. You can perform numerous techniques, all within one recipe. You can sauté meat and vegetables to add more flavor and texture before pressure or slow cooking, which cannot be done in a standalone slow cooker. You can also thicken sauces after cooking using the sauté function and desired heat level.

The pressure-cooker needs minimal water to operate, just enough to create steam. This means that nutrients are better preserved in the food because they are not leached out into the water. It can also preserve up to 90 percent to 95 percent of the vitamins in vegetables, due to increasing speed and heat during cooking.

By using a pressure cooker, you can help eliminate harmful microorganisms that can potentially be found in food. The temperature inside the pressure cooker reaches temperatures above the boiling point of water that can kill most harmful bacteria and viruses.

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