Nancy Chapman: Busy times over Labor Day weekend

September 20, 2018

Editor’s Note: Westmoreland with Nancy Chapman did not run in last week’s edition due to a large amount of obits, this is the column submitted for Sept. 12 publication.

Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying this HOT summer weather? I don’t think anyone is! I know I’m not when you have to stay in where its cool, I miss sitting on my porch.

Our Senior exercise class has changed their time at the Kenova War Memorial Building. We’re now from 3-4 p.m. Our instructor is back to work. I don’t care for this time and would rather go in the mornings.

Heather our instructor, Bud and Cricket, George and Carol, Jan, Betty and I are some of the people attending. One other lady who is in her 90′s comes also. She does wonderful. I can’t do everything but you do get a good workout. Come join us.

Attention, if you have a loved one buried in the Cyrus Cemetery on Big Sandy Road, please help the Erma Christian Family with a donation to help buy gas, supplies, etc.

The lawn needs mowed every week just like your home lawns and the Christian family needs your donations to keep it looking nice like it looks every time I go there.

No one was there over memorial weekend when we were there and just like you, I let it slip my mind and didn’t send my donation.

I have three brothers, a sister-in-law, a nephew, and my precious mother there so I always send Mrs. Christian a donation. Sorry I forgot, Erma. Pleas send donations to Erma Christian at 100 Christian heights Road, Prichard, WV 25555. Remind your out-of-town relatives to send a donation also. Thank you and God Bless!

Did everyone enjoy their long “Labor Day” weekend? It was so “hot” I couldn’t enjoy it.

Received a call from Betty Hardwick of Westmoreland last week to let me know how much she enjoys reading my column in the Wayne County News. Thanks Betty. I really enjoyed our talk. She said it’s so lonely since her husband pass away, but she has three dogs and 1 cat to keep her company most of the time.

Have an appointment with a new doctor in a couple weeks for another kind of shot in my knees. Can’t wait to try it.

A lady at our church told me about Dr. Hendrex and she has received a shot in one knee and she says it really helped. It’s called MONCVISE.

She says it cost $1,800 but her insurance paid for it. I’ve even paid that much for a stem cell shot that didn’t last but a few weeks. Well, please pray this will help.

Have you seen the new Almanac winter report? Oh my! Someone posted on Facebook last week that winter will be cold with “more snow,” even up through March. So start saving for those cold weather winter bills! You know they are coming. I do the budget, and if I can, I send a little extra each month.

My daughter Tammy brought her 6-year-old grandson to church on Sunday. He’s grown up so much.

He sat very still and quiet all through the service. We went to the Mexican restaurant in Kenova afterwards. Really enjoyed the day in church, thank you Lord. Now to get 7-year-old Chloe and their step-sister Casey back in church.

My daughter Carla and David also took their grandchildren Gavin and Karleigh to their church after having a sleepover. So happy to have at least three of my grandchildren in church. Praise the Lord.

Our preacher looked tired Sunday morning. He said he went to the 3 p.m. Marshall football game with a lot of his family. It got rain delayed and they ended up getting to their Westmoreland home around 2 a.m. Their granddaughter is on the Marshall dance team. He said he hadn’t been up that late for years.

To Judi P. Smith in Kenova, I hope you are feeling better. Didn’t know you had been in ICU at the hospital and Health South. Please let me know how you’re doing. 304-360-9888.

I finally got ready and went to the Cattlettsburg Labor Day Parade with my Keyser family. We sat so the buildings had shade over us. The kids really had fun collecting candy and even gave out Popsicles. What a great idea.

My daughter and her husband took a long motorcycle ride to Williamson, WV, ate at the steakhouse and came back home. Sounded like a fun day.

Well that’s about it until next week. Keep cool. It’s another hot week.

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