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Clinton Judicial Appointees Cited By Dole

April 19, 1996

A list of Clinton judicial nominees cited as ``Hall of Shame″ candidates Friday by Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole:

_Harold Baer of New York: A federal district judge who in January ruled prosecutors could not use a videotaped confession or 80 pounds of cocaine and heroin seized from a suspect drug dealer. Baer ruled police did not have reason to search the car simply because the men who put duffel bags in the trunk fled when they saw police. Baer recently reversed his ruling but said it had nothing to do with political criticism.

_Judge Rosemary Barkett of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. While a Florida state judge, she said the killer in a violent racially motivated murder had ``socially redeeming values.″

_Leonie Brinkema of Virginia: A federal district judge who the Dole campaign said ignored federal sentencing guidelines and reduced the sentence of a man convicted of three counts of murder for hire.

_Judge H. Lee Sarokin of the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Wrote a law review article suggesting pre-trial and pre-convention detention of criminals was unconstitutional. While serving on a lower court, was removed from a tobacco case because of bias. Also ruled in favor of a homeless man who was evicted from a New Jersey public library for bothering patrons and staff.

_Judge M. Blane Michael of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Joined a dissent in which judges suggested a letter bomb sent to a federal prosecutor was not ``a dangerous weapon″ because it was not fully operational.

_Raymond Jackson of Virginia: A federal district judge who dismissed federal charges against a youth charged with armed robbery because he said there was no federal interest in prosecuting the youth.