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Violations at Brown Athletic Dept.

April 28, 2000

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Brown University said Thursday that an internal investigation of its athletic department found several rules violations involving financial aid and recruiting.

The infractions ranged from offers of financial aid in violation of the Ivy League ban on athletic scholarships, to improper contact with prospects at a football banquet.

Two student athletes, eight recruits, and five coaches from the football team, the men’s soccer and basketball teams, and the women’s volleyball team were involved. Several alumni and staff, and administrators at the Brown Sports Foundation also were responsible.

If the NCAA accepts the school’s recommendations, no teams will be disqualified or required to forfeit games, and no one will be fired. The NCAA already reviewed and cleared the eligibility of the student athletes and recruits.

The Ivy League has accepted the school’s findings.

Laura Freid, Brown’s executive vice president of public affairs and university relations, would not reveal the amount of money involved, but said the aid was from sources outside the university. She said she believes the violations reflect a lack of understanding, not a willful disregard of NCAA rules.

``We’re very grateful we found out about this early in the recruiting system and that we could address it,″ Freid said.

The two-month investigation began after other schools contacted the Ivy League with concerns about Brown’s actions, Freid said.

The report referred to several foundations that provide financial aid to students. None of the institutions was identified except for the Brown Sports Foundation, an independent nonprofit group formed to benefit Brown athletes. The names of the coaches and athletes were not included in the report.

In one case, with the knowledge of coaches and staff, prospects in football, men’s basketball and men’s soccer were offered aid based in part on their athletic ability from an outside foundation with ties to Brown.

In another, a foundation was found to be offering aid only to athletes from Brown. The NCAA bars aid that limits the recipients choice of school.

Brown has promised to intensify oversight of outside sources of financial aid to athletes and limit official recruiting visits next year for the football and other teams.

The coaches will have a letter of reprimand or admonishment placed in their personnel files and will be required to attend NCAA and Ivy League compliance seminars.

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