Tolsia player looking to college ball

December 6, 2018

Courtesy of Brent Setser Tolsia High School Senior Brent Setser has his eye on the prize as he fields offers to play football at the collegiet level. Offically, he has been offered a scholarship at West Virginia State University and has some other talks he wishes to keep quiet at the time.

GLEN HAYES – Brent Setser knew he didn’t want his football career to end with the Rebels, and now he is looking at the chance to move up into college ball.

Officially, West Virginia State University has made the offer for Setser to come play on a scholarship for the Yellow Jackets, but Setser said he is in talks with other schools and wishes to keep those quite for the time being.

He did say, WVSU is on his mind.

“WVSU has a great program and even better coaching staff, they have for sure been on the rise the last couple of seasons,” Setser said. “I can’t say for sure weather or not it’s the offer I plan to accept but it is most definitely on my mind every single day.”

Wherever Setser ends up, he said it is a blessing to be able to play ball and get a degree.

“It honestly feels amazing to be blessed enough to receive the opportunity to further my athletic career with football, I have a strong love for the game and I knew good and well that I just hadn’t had enough of football when the clocked striked 0 on my final game,” he said. “Being able to receive these opportunities is a blessing in my mind and heart.”

As for his future goals, Setser is ready to buckle down.

“I honestly just hope to reach my career goal of being the best athlete that I’m capable of becoming. I don’t wanna stop now and with my mindset that I have I refuse to stop bettering myself until I’ve reached the sky limit. When it comes to the most important part I hope to further my academics in a degree of criminal justice, it has been something I’ve wanted since I was just a young boy,” he said. “It may not to most people, but it honestly excites me to further my education and hopefully fulfill my dreams of getting that degree.”

Setser said he is so thankful for the opportuniues he has both received and hopes to receive in the future – and most of all the for the game of football.

“I’m just honestly so thankful that the game of football is in my life,” he said. “I know a lot of kids don’t get the opportunity whether they are not capable of playing or any other reasons, so that makes me stay humble and realize that many kids would kill to be in my position so I can’t take it for granted.”

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