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Students Paint Army Tank Pink to Protest Militarism

August 16, 1995

JERUSALEM (AP) _ Students protesting militarism in Israel wanted more than a banner to reach the public _ so they painted an army tank memorial bubble-gum pink.

``I understand that there are other views, but this seems pretty ridiculous,″ said Arieh Keren, director of the Armored Corps memorial, which brought in a crane today to remove the offending tank.

``Of course these machines of war do not symbolize peace, but in a way they contributed to peace,″ he added.

The tank, a Soviet-built, Stalin-class tank captured from the Egyptians in the 1967 Middle East war, stood along the main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway.

Avi Posen, a spokesman for the students, said the tank represented ``the militarism and other grotesque periods in Israel’s history. These were vehicles of slaughter and a symbol of the pursuit of militarism.″

The university students included former Israeli commandos and reserve officers.

Keren said when he learned the tank had been painted pink, ``I went there and put some flowers in the barrel.″

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