Jerry Adams: Dangerous minds

January 4, 2019

Editor: Columnist Michael Shannon’s information is carefully thought out and presented with deep insight into the conditions that are tearing our nation apart. America has always been a nation consisting of many ethnic groups and nationalities. Let’s not forget that because it is our strength. Our motto, E PLURIBUS UNUM — out of many one, became part of the Great Seal created by Charles Thomson in 1782.

Though we are many individuals, ethnic groups and nationalities, we are one nation. And the Pledge of Allegiance to our national flag still contains the words, “one nation under God.” Shannon is correct in noting we need a revolution of the correct kind like our first successful one that was based on profoundly biblical principles that created the great country in which we live. He also suggests the revolution include the public school system. Arizona currently ranks 47th in the nation.

Another recent article written by John Micek is not just a different view, it is a dangerous view. His tone is saturated with disrespect, disdain, vitriol, contempt, sarcasm, and many other terms that could be added.

John Micek’s attitude adds fuel to the anarchist’s intention to throw off all government controls. If we disagree with those in authority, our founding fathers built into our country methods for making our voice heard. However, if we disrespect authority, we rip the very fabric that is intended to hold us together.

Jerry Adams

Lake Havasu City

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