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Cuba: Revolution Is Growing Strong

December 27, 2000

HAVANA (AP) _ Cuba’s parliament thanked Cubans Tuesday for supporting the fight to repatriate Elian Gonzalez, saying the battle has made their revolution strong as it enters the new year.

``Our victorious Revolution enters the new millennium with a firm and sure step,″ Cuba’s National Assembly said in a message published by government newspapers on Tuesday.

Such positive messages are common in the days leading up to anniversary of the Jan. 1, 1959, victory in the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power.

This year it was particularly enthusiastic. While noting the successful battle to have Elian returned from the United States to his Cuban homeland, it also pointed out the nation’s ongoing economic recovery and the 5.6 percent economic growth projected for next year.

No official celebrations have been announced to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, nor the beginning of the millennium, which Castro says did not begin last New Year’s Day, but begins on Monday.

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