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Clinton: Scandals Won’t Hurt Gore

June 28, 2000

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton said Wednesday he has been saddled with ``bogus″ scandals and that Vice President Al Gore should not suffer for them in his own campaign for the White House.

He said Gore himself has been implicated only in ``this campaign finance thing,″ over Democratic fund-raising excesses in 1996. A top Justice Department investigator has recommended that Attorney General Janet Reno appoint a special counsel to pursue the matter.

On that issue, Clinton told a White House news conference, ``I think the best thing is for the American people to make their own decision.″ Reno has rejected earlier recommendations that she seek an independent investigation and has not acted on this latest one.

While GOP Gov. George W. Bush of Texas leading Gore in the public opinion polls, Clinton said the surveys are volatile because ``people are still trying to figure out what they’re going to do.″

Clinton said Gore is the candidate best qualified to be president. ``He’s right on the issues″ and on economic policy, and has the experience for the job.


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