100 Years Ago - Scranton Board Of Trade Plans For $1M Building For West Scranton

March 19, 2019
100 Years Ago - Scranton Board Of Trade Plans For $1M Building For West Scranton

March 19, 1919

Board of trade plans $1M building in West Scranton

The Scranton Board of Trade’s industrial bureau revealed that it had asked the board’s executive committee to prepare a financial plan for an industrial building on West Lackawanna Avenue. The bureau said the plan should account for a $1 million expenditure on a 268,000-square-foot building.

The board’s secretary, Mark Edgar, said that once finished, the “building on the site proposed would do more to put heart into the people of West Scranton than anything else, other than the solution of the mine cave problem.”

After the announcement, board members discussed how the massive building would be paid for. Worthington Scranton, president of an industrial development company, said a change to the company’s bylaws limited the amount of funding a project could receive in one year. Other members suggested that wealthy Scrantonians would invest in the project.

Judge says county grand jury can look at coal assessment

Lackawanna County Judge James O’Neill informed the county’s grand jury that it could make a presentment to the court asking for an investigation of the county’s coal assessment.

He also told them, “If you decide to make a presentment, the court will then direct you to proceed with the investigation and will give you permission to subpoena witnesses, make investigations and obtain all necessary information.”

The grand jury had sent O’Neill a request asking if it could look into the county’s coal assessment.

Muddy streets stop evening mail pickup in Green Ridge

Scranton Postmaster John Durkin announced a suspension of evening mail pickup from five mailboxes in the Green Ridge section of the city.

Durkin said the streets where the boxes were located were too muddy for the post office’s truck to drive on. It was reported that the mud was so deep that cars were getting stuck. He said once the road conditions improved, evening pickup would resume.

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