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December 11, 1986

Undated (AP) _ ″It’s like a very gigantic jigsaw puzzle with a puzzle on either side and all in three dimensions; it’s like a Rubic’s cube. When all of the dots are eventually linked on this, it will be, I won’t use the word incredible, but it certainly will be extraordinary.″- House Foreign Affairs Chairman Dante Fascell, D-Fla., on the trail of money in the Iranian arms sale controversy.


″The government’s aim is not to establish a totalitarian system, it is to establish a democratic system.″ - Stoffel van der Merwe, chief of South Africa’s Bureau for Information, on his government’s drastic expansion of restrictions on news media.


″It sounded like the Fourth of July. There was a lot of noise like popping firecrackers.″ - Marjorie Zimmerman, who was on the University of Kentucky campus when a sniper wounded two people.

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