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Seth Meyers’ take on the ‘cellphone’ was a hash brown case

Jim ShayMay 22, 2019

Remember the story of Jason Stiber who given a distracted driving ticket after a Westport police officer mistook a hash brown for a cellphone?

Stiber spent $1,000 to successfully fight the $300 ticket.

In April, Judge Maureen Dennis of the state Superior Court in Norwalk ruled in favor of Stiber.

The hash brown incident occurred April 11, 2018 around 6 a.m., when Stiber bought a hash brown at the McDonald’s on the Norwalk border and was then pulled over by Westport Police Cpl. Wong Won near the Westport Whole Foods on Post Road West.

Stiber’s story has been covered by the Westport News and The Washington Post.

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