Richard Johnston: Proud to have Gosar in DC

March 10, 2019

Editor: This is a rebuttal to the letter about Congressman Paul Gosar being an embarrasment to District 4.

I find it intersesting that one of your readers was not fond of the questions representative Gosar asked Cohen or his tone during the circus put on by the Democratice committee while our president was negotiating overseas on a much more important issue of world peace and perhaps preventing World War 3. Where was the outrage during the Kavanaugh hearings on the questions and tone of the Democrats? To the contrary I am most proud to have Mr. Gosar respresenting me I have been on several town hall phone calls with him and written to him and actually received a response. Her reference to his family members saying he is unfit for office probably stems from them being liberal democrats. The cause I care about the most and many americans is illegal immigration. Mr. Gosar is one of the few that has a AAA plus rating from Numbers USA an organization that has been fighting this issue for decades. Look it up its a fact.

Richard Johnston

Lake Havasu City