Havasu Riviera in final negotiations with restaurant developer

November 25, 2018

Havasu Riviera Marina owners are finalizing negotiations with a developer for the restaurant and bar that will be built at the marina.

Michal Gorden, CEO of Desert Land Group, partner of Komick Development, the lead developer of Havasu Riviera, said they are hoping to bring the restaurant to market as soon as possible, but are not yet ready to announce who the restaurant developer will be.

Jim Komick and Ken Komick, owners of Komick Development, have a lease with Arizona State Parks on the land being developed.

Gorden said Komick Development plans to sell?? land to a hotel developer on the subdivision side of the project. While many developers have shown initial interest, Gorden said he expects the developers will show more commitment once the road leading into the land is completed. Desert Land Group is developing the land for homes in the subdivision side of the project.

The boat ramp and marina will be operated by Komick Development. The marina will be open to the public, but will require a separate annual pass or day use pass than the annual State Parks pass because the land is being developed entirely by private dollars.

“I think if the public understands that it’s because there’s no public dollars being used to build the facility that the investment being used to pay the facility has to get recuperated,” Gorden said.

Antonio Martinez, a retired Havasu resident, is not happy with the idea of having to purchase a separate annual pass to use the Riviera marina.

Martinez is a boater and fisherman who lives in the south side of Lake Havasu City about half a mile from the new project. He buys a state park every year and drives north to Lake Havasu State Park to launch his boat. The Riviera marina will be more convenient for him to use but he questioned the idea of having to buy a separate pass to use it because the project is being developed on state land. Martinez said he asked John Guthrie, western regional manager at State Parks, whether they ever held a public meeting to discuss the project before leaving the land to a private developer. Guthrie, according to Martinez, could not recall such a meeting.

Martinez said the project will inconvenience local residents who are supposed to benefit from having a new marina.

“I see it as giving up way too much to a concessionaire to utilize state land and not serve the local residents with that boat ramp and parking for the boat ramp,” Martinez said.

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