Letter to the editor: Boerio the pragmatist we need

November 20, 2018

Congressional candidates Bibiana Boerio and Guy Reschenthaler both stress the importance of creating and maintaining jobs in the new 14th District. What do their backgrounds tell us about their ability to achieve that goal?

During her career at Ford Motor Co., Boerio rose to positions of increasing responsibility in the areas of product development, manufacturing, sales and corporate business planning. In contrast, Reschenthaler was educated as a political scientist and lawyer. After a six-year military and civilian legal career, he has sought elective office since 2013.

Business people are problem-solvers who must evaluate all sides of an issue. Taking one specific example, Boerio brings a balanced approach to the issue of methane regulation. She values the jobs created by the gas industry but also the need to protect citizens from excessive methane pollution -- especially since the Environmental Protection Agency increasingly abandons its oversight responsibilities. She will seek a sensible solution that’s best for the district. Reschenthaler advocates a preemptive ban on methane regulations, disregarding a public servant’s duty to protect the public.

District 14 deserves a pragmatist who gets things done. The last thing we need is an inexperienced ideologue who worsens partisan gridlock.

Robert R. Mitchell

Linda J. Fleming


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