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Macedonian budget debate degenerates into blows

August 26, 2014

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — A debate over Macedonia’s budget has degenerated into a fist-fight in a parliamentary committee, with lawmakers from rival ethnic Albanian parties pushing and punching each other while reportedly trading insults. Local media reported one lawmaker sought medical treatment for an eye injury.

It was unclear what sparked Tuesday’s brawl between lawmakers from the opposition Democratic Party of Albanians, or DPA, and the Democratic Union for Integration, or DUI, which is part of the governing coalition. Footage aired by local media showed about seven deputies joining the fray.

Parliament’s security intervened and separated the fighting lawmakers.

DPA chief coordinator Imer Aliu said the party would be walking out of parliament until the legislature initiates proceeding against the DUI lawmakers, while DUI called for an immediate inquiry into the incident.

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