Voters end Walker’s divisive tactics -- Bob Vetter

December 29, 2018

In January of 2011, Gov. Scott Walker proclaimed to one of his largest campaign donors that he would employ “divide and conquer” tactics to weaken the power of unions and other political opponents in Wisconsin. True to his word, Walker and Republican legislative leaders pitted Wisconsinites against each other by demonizing public-sector employees and passing Walker’s divisive Act 10 union restrictions.

For the next eight years, Republicans continued to employee divisive tactics with repeated attacks on public education, voter rights and the “Wisconsin Idea” itself. And now, as the clock winds down on Walker’s term as governor, they have returned to their same old playbook.

Republicans are celebrating the passage of their “lame duck” legislative package, which reduces the powers of Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul. It’s another “divide and conquer” victory.

But their celebration is premature. For a while they may have succeeded in dividing some Wisconsinites, but they have not “conquered” the state. That victory belongs to Wisconsinites who came out Nov. 6 and voted to end Walker’s divisive form of government.

Bob Vetter, Madison

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