Jim Stevens: Remembering better times

February 14, 2019

Editor: We watched a program last night with the history of Alan Jackson talking about songs he has written. One was titled “Where Were You When The world Stopped Turning,” about the day we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001. The next day, everybody in this country came together which we normally do. Today we are so far apart it’s hard to believe this is our country today. I would love to go back to better times in my life when people loved each other cared for each other now people want to destroy each other.

We have people in Congress who no longer work or care about the American people, just their stupid party lines. I have seen more kindness towards people here illegally than to our own population. I would like to go back in time to when we didn’t have all this new technology, just good old fashioned sense. I hate hearing about jobs that we are and will be losing because of robots, electric cars, etc.

Our malls are closing as well as stores that have been around for years. Let’s at least turn back the clocks to when we were all together not where were we when the world stopped turning.

Jim Stevens

Lake Havasu City