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Bright and Brief

July 16, 1986

CHICAGO (AP) _ Some folks from Chicawgo t’ink dey talk funny when compared wit’ people from da resta da country.

And when they move away from Chicawgo, they sometimes feel self-conscious.

In fact, says Los Angeles speech pathologist Morton Cooper, the troubles could reach an identity crisis.

Cooper says he’s worked with hundreds of transplanted Chicagoans, mostly executives, lawyers and others in prestigious occupations who want to fit in.

But, that’s tought when Californians hear ″fur,″ rather than ″for,″ or ″meeyen,″ instead of ″man.″

″That’s when (Californians) ask, ’How long have you been here?‴ Cooper said Tuesday.

Michael Miller, an assistant professor at Chicago State University’s English and speech department, said many peculiarities of the Chicago dialect resulted from the impact of German and Slavic immigrants.

For example, since the ″th″ sound is native to American English, immigrants tended to replace it with more familiar sounds, such as ″d.″

Cooper said he helps people tone down or lose their accents by finding their ″real voice″ and then keeping it, a process that takes three to six months.

But Miller said he has doubts about people making drastic changes in their speech.

″I can always spot someone who’s trying too hard to change their speech,″ he said. ″When I see that, I think, ’Well, if he would change his speech, what else about him is phony?‴


ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - Jeff Goddard can make a pizza practically faster than you can say: ″Hold the anchovies.″

Goddard, of Sault Ste. Marie, earned $5,000 Tuesday at the fourth annual ″Two Tray Time Championship″ at Domino’s Pizza Inc. headquarters.

He defended his title by flattening, shaping and adding sauce to two trays of dough balls, or 16 pizzas, in five minutes, one second.

Goddard, a Domino’s employee, beat his record from last year by 13 seconds.

Two Domino’s workers from Alexandria, Va., finished second and third. Waheed Asim was second with a time of 5:31, followed by Naimat Nawroz in 5:38.

Twelve finalists were selected from 15,000 pizza makers who competed in regional elimination events nationwide.


KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) - The Statue of Liberty’s birthday bash had come and gone, and still Kansas City was $68 short of the $100 needed to be considered a major contributor to the restoration effort.

Embarrassing, especially in a city that also is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.

But the city’s face has been saved.

William Epperheimer, publisher of the Kansas City Kansan, said in a front- page notice Tuesday that the newspaper gave the city $100 to add to the $32 that had trickled into a City Hall donation box.

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