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Flooding Kills 29 in Cent. America

September 30, 1999

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) _ Seven people were killed in flooding in Nicaragua, the Red Cross said Wednesday, raising the death toll to at least 29 from weeks of heavy rains across Central America.

The rains sparked flash floods, caused swollen rivers to jump their banks and set off avalanches. The high waters have damaged crops and destroyed highways and bridges throughout Central America, which is still recovering from the billions of dollars of damage caused by Hurricane Mitch last year.

The deaths in Nicaragua occurred Tuesday and were the first reported there since the rains began Sept. 8. President Arnoldo Aleman ordered a state of emergency throughout the country.

At least six people have died in flooding in Costa Rica, officials said. The rains have forced more than 1,600 people from their homes and damaged 31 bridges and 175 miles of roads, the National Emergency Commission reported.

Floods have also affected Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

At least 13 people have died in Honduras and three in El Salvador.

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