Vom Fass pops up at West Towne Mall

November 22, 2018
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Vom Fass now has a prominent location at West Towne Mall. The retailer, known for its vinegars, oils and distilled spirits, opened Nov. 8 and is next to Santa Claus.

A retailer known for its flavored oils, vinegars and casks of distilled spirits has another Madison location, although it’s likely to be temporary.

Vom Fass has opened a pop-up store in a prime location at West Towne Mall. The 1,000-square-foot store is located in a space that had most recently been home to a Starbucks-owned Teavana and is next to Santa Claus who is stationed this year at the interior mall entrance to what had been a Boston Store.

The Vom Fass store, owned by Justin and David Gibson, who own the Vom Fass on University Avenue, is designed to bring better awareness to Vom Fass products and capitalize on holiday mall traffic.

“Pop ups are a pretty hot concept,” said Justin Gibson, who opened his Shorewood Hills store in 2007. “Even though we’ve been around for 11 years I still find people who are unfamiliar with us.”

West Towne this year features at least two other prominent pop up stores. The former Apple Store, that last holiday season was home to a Christmas decoration store, is home this year to a Harley-Davidson of Madison store. The space, which is a branch of the dealership’s Mill Pond Road store, opened Nov. 12 and features clothing, gifts and even motorcycles.

The former Toys “R” Us store also has a new tenant, although the 55,000-square-foot space is still home to toys.

Party City Holdco, the parent company of Party City, this fall opened a combination Halloween City and Toy City as part of about 50 pilot stores around the country, many of them in former Toys “R” Us stores, which shuttered in May after the company filed for bankruptcy.

The Gibsons, who brought the Vom Fass concept to the U.S. from Europe and created a franchising system under Vom Fass USA, sold the franchising company a few years ago to focus on their store, which now includes delecTable, a culinary experience venue that features Vom Fass products. The State Street Vom Fass franchise that opened in 2015 is not owned by the Gibsons but by Ashley and Jessica Morrison.

The Gibsons’ West Towne pop up required little renovation but now instead of tea the walls are lined with crocks of oil and vinegar. Distilled spirits are scheduled to arrive next week and all of the items can be sampled, including aged balsamic vinegar that sells for $20 for a 100 ml bottle.

“It’s a little experiment here for the holiday season to see how we’ll do,” said Daniel Garcia-Rivera, a manager of the West Towne Vom Fass that opened Nov. 8. “If this one goes really well, you never know. The nice thing about Vom Fass is that there’s room for growth.”

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