Voice of the People: Trump a Putin wannabe

October 13, 2018

In December, 2017, ISIS was officially defeated. President Trump should be commended for this success on his watch, but perhaps Trump hasn’t bragged about it because he used “Obama’s plan on steroids.”’ But it’s the men and women in uniform who really did the job.

Likewise the killing of Osama bin Laden is credited to President Obama but the real heroes are Navy Seals and covert operatives who did the dirty work, putting their lives on the line.

Regarding immigration, President Obama ordered deportation of significantly more illegals than President Bush. In other words, Obama enforced immigration law by operating within legal parameters, guaranteeing humane treatment. Trump’s approach – downright criminal.

Trump brags about treaties with other despotic nations. Can we trust North Korea without the use of inspections? Only a fool would. Only a fool does.

What about cooperation with a murderous thug who cyber attacked our nation? Incidents like “Helsinki″ where Trump drools over Putin in front of the whole world makes us look like chumps.

Russia is an oligarchy, a mobster government, making Putin the wealthiest man on earth. Those who step on Putin’s toes are mysteriously murdered even when they safely sit on park benches in England. But if you kneel before Putin, kissing his ring, you get rescued from financial ruin like Trump did.

Trump’s tax cut makes the rich richer, increases the debt endangering Social Security and Medicare, and creates a plutocracy similar to an oligarchy. On top of that, due process and rule of law have been eroded, the free press curtailed. We get our daily ration of distortion, duplicity, misdirection, chaos. And the FBI morphs into a puppet. Our “exceptional″ nation takes on Russian traits. Trump, Putin. Putin, Trump.

Trump, the Putin wannabe, destroys our democratic institutions little by little before our very eyes.

Gloria Weidner


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