ADVERTISEMENT: Team Parkhurst looks towards second term

November 6, 2018

Editor’s note: The following is a paid advertisement from the Lindsay Parkhurst campaign. Opinions reflected in this story do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Daily Journal or its employees.

State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R) has been serving Kankakee County and surrounding areas for two years, and she’s eager to continue that record of service. After 27 years in law, including work as a Kankakee County assistant public defender, Lindsay has built a reputation for diligence, intelligence and reliability. Her ability to work across party and generational lines has been a major asset.

The following testimonials come for people in the community who have worked alongside Lindsay, both professional and personally. On Nov. 6, vote for Representative Lindsay Parkhurst.

“I am proud to say that Lindsay Parkhurst is my representative. In two years, she has worked to make Springfield responsive to our district. Dangerous roads are fixed. Farm interests are protected. She has pursued the state to assist our local manufacturers. Lindsay has refused the legislative pension. Social programs have received attention and she has stood up when an independent voice is needed.

Lindsay has worked with IDOT to begin the process to improve exit 312, something her opponent chose not to do during her eight years in Springfield. Lindsay is opposed to a graduated income tax, which is politician language for a way to raise taxes on us all. Lindsay has become recognized by both sides of the aisle to be a strong, intelligent and independent voice who is willing to work with other legislators to solve problems.

She will not be obligated to Mike Madigan and will continue to bring some sanity to the General Assembly. I am grateful for her hard work and excited to vote for her.” — Chris Bohlen local attorney and member of the Kankakee School District Board of Education

“I have become far more interested and passionate about the political process after understanding what Lindsay is and has been doing for home. I’ve had the chance to see how Representative Parkhurst works as the independent voice for our community. She’s what Illinois needs, and it’s been great to be a part of her mission through Team Parkhurst.” — Jimmy Diaz KCC student

“I have seen Lindsay Parkhurst grow from an eager learner as a child to the leader she is today. We were neighbors, I knew her parents. All her life she has been an achiever, driven to do her best. Lindsay’s knowledge of the community and tactful way of dealing with issues has brought impressive results. Lindsay has been fair, honest, and concerned with the problems of today. We need leadership and Lindsay Parkhurst has proven herself as a leader.” — Dee Pinski longtime Kankakee resident and philanthropist

“I decided I wanted to volunteer for Lindsay on Team Parkhurst back in 2016 after realizing how very little I knew about politics; especially at the state level. Volunteering for Lindsay has given me a lot of insight into the political process and thus, has provided me with an opportunity to support a Representative I see working her hardest day-to-day; I truly believe in Lindsay.” — Annie Kyrouac KCC student

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