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Ireland Urges Protestants To Lay Down Arms

September 13, 1994

DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) _ Protestant political leaders in Northern Ireland should cajole pro-British ″loyalist″ militants into matching the IRA’s cease-fire, Ireland’s Justice Minister said Tuesday.

Justice Minister Maire Geoghegan Quinn spoke at a meeting with police and army chiefs aimed at tightening security after Protestant extremists bombed a train in Dublin on Monday, injuring two women passengers.

The outlawed Ulster Volunteer Force said the attack was a warning that the north’s Protestant majority will not be forced into a united Ireland.

The attack was the first in Dublin since the Catholic-based Irish Republican Army declared a cease-fire Aug. 31 in its 25-year campaign to end British rule in Northern Ireland. It raised fears that Protestant militants will begin concentrating their attacks on Ireland, instead of in the north.

″There is a huge onus of responsibility on unionist politicians to encourage and cajole loyalist paramilitaries to lay down their arms″ and pursue peace talks, Quinn said.

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