Lake Metroparks launches new archery range

September 13, 2018

Lake Metroparks launches new archery range

LEROY TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Just in time for bow-hunting season, Lake Metroparks is opening a permanent archery range at Hidden Lake Park.

Dedication is Friday  and it opens to the public on Saturday.

Use of the range is free every day of the year from sunrise to sunset.

Paul Palagyi, the park system’s executive director, said in a telephone interview that bow-hunting season begins September 29, and according to the state of Ohio it runs into early February.

Palagyi said even as the range was under construction, hunters stopped to ask when it opens because they wanted to sight in their bows.

That said, he expects it to be a big hit with target shooters as well.

To help with the project, Lake Metroparks got a $20,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, according to a news release.

Palagyi said this week that the range was designed and built by park employees, and the Metroparks’ landscape architects visited other ranges around the state for ideas.

He said the total cost was $35,000.

John Venen, a spokesman for Lake Metroparks, said the park system has conducted special archery programs in various locations, and they have been growing in popularity.

The news release said the range has eight shooting lanes with four-foot by four-foot targets at ranges from 10 to 50 yards. There also is an elevated platform that can hold three archers at a time, simulating shooting from a tree stand.

Nearby there also is a shorter range with a distance of up to 20 yards.

Palagyi said the adjacent ranges allow simultaneous use by the general public as well as participants in special programs.

The park that is home to the range is at 7024 Kniffen Road in Leroy Township.

Venen said the range is not staffed but will be patrolled by the Metroparks’ rangers.

People using the range generally must bring their own equipment and are required to use field points, according to the press release. The park system only provides bows and arrows for special programs and anyone under 18 must be escorted by an adult.

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