Bradley rescuers save baby’s life

February 28, 2019

BRADLEY — Through a team effort, Bradley police officers and firefighters saved a 1-year-old girl’s life last month.

At Monday’s village board meeting, officers August LeBeau and Timothy Williams and firefighters Michael McCue and Andrew Przybyla were honored for the rescue.

In the audience was the baby, Spencer Moore, who was being held by her mother, Simone Roberts. She was quietly drinking from a milk bottle.

In the late afternoon of Jan. 24, dispatchers received a call that the baby was suffering seizures and not breathing at Aldi grocery store on Illinois Route 50.

Officer LeBeau was the first to arrive. He saw how serious the situation was when he noticed the infant’s lips were turning blue, Fire Chief Jim Eggert told the village board. LeBeau notified the ambulance, and Officer Williams helped LeBeau stabilize the baby.

After three sets of compressions, the infant stopped seizing and began breathing on her own, Eggert said.

McCue, a paramedic, and Przybyla, an EMT, then arrived and took the baby to Amita St. Mary’s Hospital. It was determined by an emergency room physician that the child had undergone a febrile seizure because of the spike in body temperature, reaching 103 degrees, Eggert said. The ER continued pushing IV fluids until the fever was controlled.

“Undoubtedly, your quick action and dedication to this seizure victim saved her life and deserves recognition,” the chief told the officers and firefighters.

He said it wasn’t common for firefighters and police officers to receive recognition for their work.

“Most of the time it is because both firefighters and officers in the public safety service believe it is all part of the job,” Eggert said. “Public safety and saving lives is our common credo.”

In a Facebook post Monday, Spencer’s mother said she was still calm on the phone with the 911 operator when police arrived.

“My baby was still convulsing, and her lips began to turn blue, and she no longer had oxygen,” Roberts said. “At this point, I panicked. Chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth were done by police to save my baby’s life.”

Roberts said she felt helpless.

“What mother wants to see her baby fight for her life in such a horrific way?” she said. “Today, I’m grateful and thankful that my baby girl is healthy, striving and better than ever. Today, we honored these men who saved my baby girl’s life and for that, I will be forever grateful.”